Our History

Our History

The Beginning Of Adventures In Paradise

Well, I imagine if you are reading this, you have gone through the entire website and you still want know just a little bit more. Well here you go, we think it’s a pretty cool story. (No worries, we’ll keep it brief!)

Waaay back in early 1980 Craig and Evelyn took their honeymoon to the islands of Tahiti, specifically Moorea (pops wanted to make sure I added that it was Moorea). This was quite literally paradise coming from the busy mainland and landlocked Oklahoma. They fell deeply in love with the island lifestyle. Needless to say they had had enough of “living for the city.” Nearly five years later after traveling and researching, Craig discovered Sanibel Island on a business trip to Naples and Miami, and just like that it struck him like a coconut to the noggin. As legend has it, Craig was on Sanibel for a mere 45 minutes before he found the nearest pay phone at the 7-eleven and called up Evelyn and said “honey, I’ve found where we are going to live!” In 1986 they moved down to Sanibel Island. Boom! Adventures in Paradise was born along side three strikingly handsome sons (insert chuckle here) a parrot, and the coolest wiener dog we would ever meet!

Living the dream on Sanibel for the past 31 years, the newest addition to our family is a retail store, Adventures In Paradise “OUTFITTERS” located on Periwinkle Way in the Tahitian Gardens shopping center. Look the dream, feel the dream, be the dream!

Over the years we have listened to our guests, watched families grow, and are very thankful that we have had the opportunity to make our guests happy by sharing what we love. Our growing family’s goal is to bring our love for the nature & waters of this area to you in hopes that upon leaving you will be better educated to our nature, have had lots of fun, are relaxed and, “dreaming of the islands”! Now what are you waiting for? Go out, fall in love and find your adventure!

Warm regards from Paradise!
Craig, Evelyn, Noah & Josh Stewart