Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016

I was born and raised right here in Southwest Florida.  I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies.  I specialize in human and wildlife interactions, marine conservation management,  and sea turtle biology.

I served with the United States Peace Corps from 2015-2017 in the Philippines as a Coastal Resource Management Volunteer.  My service focused on working with small local government agencies and NGOs on marine conservation issues throughout the Philippines such as the illegal capture of endangered marine species (dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks), climate change, overfishing, and solid waste management.

After completing my service, I returned back home to South Florida where I continue to remain active working on marine conservation issues and education programs.   I'm an avid bird enthusiast and in my spare time I enjoy nature photography and videography.   I also enjoy traveling, sports, cats, and the color blue.

Hopefully I'll see you out on the boat soon and I can share the beauty of Southwest Florida with you!

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