Sanibel Trolley Schedule & Links

Free Pick-Up & Return

Free Trolley Pick Up and Return

We offer free trolley pick up and return to your
hotel or condo on Sanibel Island.  Seasonally offered! Please make sure to call and schedule your pickup. (If not we still offer FREE parking!)

Trolley schedule subject to change. Trolley does not operate on weekends.

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Sanibel IslandShellingSealife**SunsetPick-Up Spot
Doc Ford's Restaurant7:5011:305:40By Trolley Sign
Blue Dolphin7:5011:325:41By Main Road
Mitchells Sandcastle7:5011:325:41By Main Road
Westwind Inn7:5111:355:45By Trolley Sign
Beachview Cottages7:5211:355:46By Main Road
Sunset Beach7:5211:375:47By Trolley Sign
Island Inn7:5311:385:48By Trolley Sign
Sea Shell of Sanibel7:5311:385:48By Main Road
Hurricane House & Villas/Sanibel7:5311:385:48By Main Road
Waterside Inn7:5311:385:48By Trolley Sign
Shalimar7:5311:385:48By Trolley Sign
Caribe7:5311:385:48By Trolley Sign
Sand Points & Tarpon Beach7:5311:385:49By Main Road
Pointe Santo7:5611:415:50By Trolley Sign
Sanibel Cottages7:5611:415:51By Trolley Sign
Island Beach Club7:5611:415:51By Main Road
Casa Ybel Resort7:5811:435:53By Trolley Sign
Oceans Reach7:5911:445:54By Trolley Sign
Signal Inn & Sandpiper8:0011:455:55By Main Road
Sandollar8:0011:455:55By Main Road
Sundial Resort8:0211:475:56By Trolley Sign
Compass Point & Sunset South8:0311:485:57By Main Road
Surfside 8:0311:485:58By Main Road
Sanibel Siesta8:0311:485:58By Main Road
Holiday Inn8:0511:505:59By Trolley Sign
Sanbel Beach Club I8:0511:505:59By Main Road
Donax Street - All Inns8:0511:505:59At Holiday Inn
Gulf Breeze Cottages8:0511:506:00Front Of Sign
Loggerhead Cay8:0711:526:00By Office
Tortuga Beach Club8:0711:526:00By Trolley Sign
Beach Road Inn8:0711:526:01By Main Road
Sanibel Inn8:0811:536:02By Trolley Sign
Song Of The Sea8:0811:536:03By Trolley Sign
Sanibel Moorings8:1011:546:05By Main Road
Sanibel Arms & Sanibel Arms W8:1111:566:05By Main Road
Sandalfoot & Sunshine Inn8:1211:576:06By Main Road
Surfrider8:1211:576:07By Main Road
Seaside Inn8:1211:576:08By Trolley Sign
The Colony8:1211:576:08By Trolley Sign
Shell Island Beach Club8:1311:596:08By Trolley Sign
Sanbel Beach Club II8:1311:596:09By Trolley Sign
Lighthouse Condo & Resort8:2311:596:09By Main Road
Tarpon Tale/Seahorse Shops8:1412:006:10By Trolley Sign
Sanibel Marriott Resort & Spa 8:3012:106:20Main Hotel Valet

**The Sunset time listed is for the current month only.

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